WELCOME TO THE ARTS SOCIETY GRANTHAM A flourishing market town in the 18th century, due to its prominence in the wool trade, Grantham was founded in the 11th century, near the confluence of the Witham and Mowbeck rivers. The Church of St Wulfram was consecrated in the eleventh century and at one time sported the tallest spire in England. For centuries, northbound traffic from London took The Great North Road, passing through Grantham with its coaching inns such as the Angel & Royal and the George catering for travellers. THE ARTS SOCIETY GRANTHAM Established in 2000, our original name was Grantham & District Decorative & Fine Arts Society (GADDFAS), becoming The Arts Society Grantham in 2017. We are well-placed to support the aims of our parent, registered charity The Arts Society Link to theartssociety.org. The Arts Society through its Member Societies preserves and contributes to our artistic heritage through volunteering and grants. Today, there are 380 Member Societies and 93,000 members worldwide. At regional level we are part of the East Midlands Area, which provides expert support in Heritage Volunteering and Discovery Trails projects. Do browse our website to learn more about what we do! What do we offer our Members? Your membership subscription provides entry to 10 high-grade lectures from September to June, every third Tuesday of the month. Link to Membership page. Our subject coverage has broadened over the years to include not just paintings, crafts, porcelain, architecture and gardens, but also the changing social context of art over the centuries, street art, the contribution of women artists, and Asian and African sources of art. Link to Lectures page We also provide a number of Visits and in-depth Study Days which are subject to a charge to cover costs. Complimentary tea and coffee is provided before each lecture. Lectures are usually also available online via Zoom so members with access to the Internet can choose to enjoy the lectures at home. Our Membership extends beyond the town of Grantham to surrounding villages and districts. Lectures and events are organised by your Committee – all volunteers and current Society members. Where can you find us? In the Lecture Theatre of the Guildhall Arts Centre, St. Peters Hill, Grantham. The Guildhall (pictured at the top of this page) is centrally located with excellent facilities. See the Membership page (link) for more details. Our logo Our Logo incorporates the design of windows to be found on houses built during the Georgian period by a local Grantham Builder. The moustachioed lintels are, in effect, his signature. Regrettably, his name cannot be traced. Anyone who can help us solve this mystery, please get in touch! Web site designed, created and maintained by Janet Groome, Handshake Computer Training
The Arts Society Grantham
Welcome to the mobile phone pages for The Arts Society Grantham ARE YOU INTERESTED IN... antiques, painting, porcelain, gardens? Then join us to enjoy illustrated lectures by eminent speakers who are experts in their fields. WHERE? The Guildhall Arts Centre, St. Peters Hill, Grantham. Centrally located with excellent facilities. WHEN? The third Tuesday of the month, from September to June, at 9.50 for 10.25am. WHAT ELSE? The society is a social as well as cultural body with whole day visits to places of interest and in-depth 'Days of Special Interest' led by experts. Conservation and Young Arts projects, sponsored by local businesses, involve us with the local community. The Arts Society was formed to bring together people who were interested in the decorative and fine arts and wished to hear professionally delivered lectures by experts in their respective fields. Visits to museums and galleries, historic houses and gardens, relate to lecture subjects and enable members to broaden their knowledge and interests in a wide range of subjects. Grantham Decorative & Fine Arts Society (GADDFAS) was set up in the year 2000 and currently has a membership in the region of 380, drawn from Grantham and the local area. Our umbrella organisation has been renamed in 2017 to The Arts Society and so we are changing our name too. Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month commencing at 10.50 a.m. in the excellent facilities of the Guildhall Theatre. Refreshments before and after the meeting may be purchased at the Guildhall Café. Our Logo represents the design of windows to be found on houses built during the Georgian period by a local Grantham Builder. The moustachioed lintels are, in effect, his signature. Regrettably his name cannot be traced.
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