Past Lectures & Visits November lecture, replacement for cancelled one THE ROMAN LEGACY IN BRITAIN: WHAT DID THE ROMANS REALLY DO FOR BRITAIN? Guy de la Bédoyère October 15th Simon Seligman A 21st Century Renaissance: Chatsworth & the Devonshire Collection in the Modern Age Since the 1950s, Chatsworth and its collections have undergone a renaissance under the leadership of first  the 11th, and now the 12th, Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. This lecture paints a portrait of Devonshire’s treasure house in the modern age, illustrating the extensive recent decorative and furnishing renovations in the house and the restoration of historic interiors, stone work and works of art. The lecture also includes work by modern and contemporary artists in the collection at Chatsworth including Lucian Freud, Elisabeth Frink, David Hockney and David Nash, to Richard Long, Allen Jones, Michael Craig-Martin and Edmund de Waal. Visit to Houghton Hall Estate, Norfolk Thursday 19th September 2019     Key Features: HOUGHTON HALL was built in the Palladian era for Britain’s first Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole with architecture and furnishings reflecting his wealth and power. It is the home of the 7th Marquess of Chomondeley, a descendant and his family. The five acre, award winning walled GARDEN has a wealth of features including rustic temples and fountains designed by Julian and Isabel Bannerman. The HENRY MOORE Foundation exhibition in the gallery, the state rooms and outdoors provides the special art focus this year. The SOLDIER MUSEUM displaying 20,000 lead models and the NORFOLK by DESIGN exhibition are housed in the Stables. Contemporary OUTDOOR SCULPTURES by various artists can be found in the grounds. September 17th 2019 Dr Steve Kershaw The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Two tombs, a couple of statues, one temple, a garden and a lighthouse have become celebrated as the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. But how much do we know about them? Why and how were they chosen? And, given that six out of the seven were destroyed long ago, can we recreate their size, beauty and majesty, and the shock and awe that they generated? Combining literary and artistic evidence for the monuments with examination of the sites where they once stood, this talk will try to make the vestigial traces of their grandeur come to life once again. Web site designed, created and maintained by Janet Groome, Handshake Computer Training
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